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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Return of the Blogger

Alright everyone. I know its been awhile and I had promised a long time ago to keep this going, but things got out of hand. BUT, I had recent inspiration to return to this blog and give you all an insight on what is going on in my head.

Lately things have been crazy and I'm just starting to realize that over the past year, I have changed and grown more as a person than I thought was possible. Recent events have enlightened me to the fact that I'm growing up. I know, I know, Chase you're 20 years old, don't you think you should have grown up a long time ago? Answer- PROBABLY

I will admit to everyone who reads this that around the time I was writing this blog last year that I didn't treat people, primarily girls that I took out, with the kind of respect that they deserve. I will admit that I was a heart breaker extraordinaire. Giving girls false hopes and dating several at the same time without them knowing. It was WRONG.

But over the past year I have learned my lesson and it will never happen again as long as I can help it.

It takes a broken heart to see the shattered pieces you broke yourself

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  1. you are truly Growing in your Character, there is HOPE that you are finding, i belive its impressive only i think you're 20 and you have learned the lesson of Reltionship. you have proven that you dont need to be extremly old and been through a whole lot to appreactie,the value of the Prustit of love. :)