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Going to try to write on this every day, it is basically just a series of my daily thoughts on life.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1

Today is my first day of my daily blogging that I plan on continuing, mostly to get stuff off of my chest. In my daily blog I will open my mind and heart to you, the readers. If you have ever wanted insight on how my mind works, or are just interested in me, this is the place to get both of those things.

Today I decided something about relationships. With every failed relationship there is this sense of melancholy that comes with it. At times, we tend to feel as if the person from the failed relationship could've been "the one". We tend to long for that person when we are alone late at night or when we don't have anything to occupy our time. Well I leave you with one thought on this day.

Everytime I've had a failed relationship in the past, I have felt all of this. Recently, my now ex-girlfriend and I, broke up. Honestly, I miss her alot. Late at night I do think about her. Yet, if I think about it, my failed relationship with another girl a year ago, or even another failed relationship with a different girl from months ago felt the exact same way.

The point I'm trying to make, is that with every failed relationship that I have had, I begin to realize more and more is that there is no use mourning over a past relationship, because in a year or in a month, when we meet someone new, we are going to forget about the last person, and start our new "failed relationship".


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  1. new failed realtionship, is there not a hope of change, going in waiting for it to fail, yes you are learning, but perpahs it is better to become really Good Friends first, but are right about one thing mourning is useless, it only feeds your pain. :)