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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 3

Over the past few weeks I have really been asking myself who I am as a person. What am I supposed to be doing in life, you know? I believe that everyone has one purpose in life. However, their purpose is decided by what road they choose to take in life.

A couple weeks ago I was completely let down by something that happened to my band and myself. I thought that we were going to finally get our shot to show the world not only what we were made of, but to show the world how much playing music really means to us. Long story short we were passed up on this chance unfortunately. The chance was going to be given to us through a competition that we did not win. I was completely crushed. I started asking myself how talented I really was, and how talented I THOUGHT I was. I began to question my priorities. I started worrying about what would happen if my passion didn't become my purpose. I almost gave up on my dream. That was until I listened to one of my band's own songs written by my best friend.

"When all that matters is the time right now, Forget tomorrow, just Live for now"

These immortal words are lyrics from the chorus of one of the very songs that I play. These words were written by my best friend when I was worried about my future, after I learned that he was going to be moving halfway across the country. This was the first time that I questioned myself and he helped me out of it. After hearing this song again, it reminded me that no matter what kind of obsticals I face in life, I should never worry about what is to become of me, when I should be focusing on right here and right now. A new hope was given to me by my best friend Nathan from halfway across our nation, through music. This is how I decided that no matter what, Music is my passion, Music is my life, and Playing music is my Purpose.

Thanks Nate, I love you man.


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  1. wow this is a really Graet Story, you have learned to rise from a fall, and obtained a new hope as well, i love story, the power of Friendship, and Music, its all so, heart warming. :)